PVC Banner

Banner Printing Services We Offer

Banner printing is the most cost-effective form of branding and adverting in the signage
industry. PVC banner material is the most commonly used form of outdoor advertising in the
UK. We provide many different types of banner materials such as mesh, front lit, double
sided and fabric. All of the products are printed across a variety of machines including UV,
Solvent, Eco Solvent, Latex and Dye-sublimation. Our standard finish includes hemming and
eyelets, pockets and trimming. We also offer bespoke finishes for your banner as required.

We can produce banners up to 5m wide by any running length, in one piece. We can
produce wider than 5m, but your banner will be joined by welding prints together. All our
banners are custom printed, so we don’t offer standard sizing. We can produce any size
banner you like, but have found our most commonly requested size is a 1m x 3m. This size is
often seen at bars and nightclubs, shopping centres, events, festivals, holiday parks and even
birthday parties.

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PVC Front Lit Banners

PVC vinyl banners are the most commonly produced banner due to the price, durability and
ease of install. Our standard PVC vinyl banners are produced on different weights of material
depending on your needs. Short term promotional banners are printed on 440gsm, our
longer-term banners are produced on 510gsm material. These banners are an excellent
choice to use at events, festivals, birthday parties, shops, bars, nightclubs, stage backdrops,
as well as general outdoor advertising and promotions. With the ability to print up to 5m
wide we can cater for a 1 off banner, to a full building wrap.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are often referred to as ‘windproof banners’. This banner material has small
holes throughout that allows air to flow through. This air flow makes it ideal for larger prints
such as; building wraps and stadium branding. Although mesh banners have small holes
throughout the material, you still get up to 70% coverage of your print over the banner
making it a great choice for branding in windy locations.

Double Sided Block Out Banners

Double sided block out banners are produced on 650gsm material, the material itself is
white PVC on both sides, with a black lining through the centre to stop the banner from
being transparent. Often used as scaffold banners, lamppost banners, double sided café
barriers and projecting wall banners. They are great way to advertise and promote your
business from all angles.

PVC Backlit Banners

Backlit banners require a specialist print setting to achieve vibrant colours under
illumination. This double density print, layers twice the amount of ink as a standard front lit
banner. The extra layer may make the banner appear darker before the backlight is turned
on. Once the backlight is on the colours will stand out. Ideal for indoor retail or night time

Fabric Banners

Our fabric banners are mainly produced using dye-sublimation, printing up to 3.2m wide.
Dye sublimation printing provides some of the highest quality digital printing in the market
currently. Not only does dye-sublimation printing offer great quality, it is easily folded and
packed for transportation with no risk of damage to the ink on the fabric.
If you require a graphic larger than 3.2m in one piece, this can still be produced using UV
print technology. We offer standard finishing of hem/eyes or pockets on all our banners and
prints, if you require specialist finishing , just let us know and we will finish to your


See some examples of banners we offer below;